AlcyoneAnimation (pronouncedAls-eye-uhn-ee) is a multi-award winning,full service animation and new media production company based in Jamaica. Utilizing the best talent available, Alcyone provides services in illustration, character design and development, graphic design, copy writing, script writing and development, voice-over artistry, post-production and animation. It was founded by Alison Latchman and Anieph Latchman who pooled their expertise in graphics, animation, editing, script writing, performing arts, talent management and administration to launch this
creativity-based enterprise.

Alcyone's flagship production is Cabbie Chronicles, Jamaica's and the Caribbean's first animated series. At its first outing in 2010 at the 9th staging of the Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival held in Trinidad, Cabbie Chronicles won Best Caribbean Animation! The judging panel included Oscar® nominated animation great Bill Plympton and Kyle Baker of Phineas and Ferb® fame. Complete branding for the series was also developed by Alcyone.

Alcyone Animation is committed to the creation of quality content that is also culturally relevant, especially to the Caribbean region.We work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible results, every time.With our creative eye and attention to detail,
Alcyone ensures our clients' needs are communicated while standing out in a
crowded marketplace.