Cabbie Chronicles

Navigating the absurd complexities of modern Jamaican life.

Cabbie Chronicles tells the tale of day-to-day life in Jamaica, through the eyes of Delly,
a temperamental taxi driver. He provides irreverent commentary on his daily encounters that often comes courtesy of his colourful passengers. Cabbie has ‘old school’ sensibilities and although by no means perfect, he has little tolerance for anything
– except silence.

The series comprises 6 x 5min episodes aimed at TV14 and up.
Currently 13 x 22 min episodes are in production.

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Magnus the Mongoose

A tale of Caribbean adventure full of culture, music, discovery and real pickney fun!
Magnus is an intelligent, 'sly' mongoose that can be seen by everyone but only understood by children. Magnus and Patch the Donkey live in the bushes neighbouring
the "Sun-a-shine School" and appear during break time to take
Shelley, Muca, Amita, Ricky and Tuffy on adventures, based on what they have just
learned in class. The children climb into the Bankra baskets on each side of Patch.
They explore the island and learn about the melting pot of wonder that is the rich Caribbean culture, all while having fun in the sun. On their travels, the children use their character traits to help them all on their journey and prove that "everybody have dem use."Developed for pre school children the world over with a true Caribbean flavour. Look out for the ebook "Magnus and the Litter Cow" launching December 2014.

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